3PL Summit - 2021

3PL Summit - 2021

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3PL Summit - 2021
  • The Future of 3PLs and Freight Brokerages

    With barely six months behind her as president and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, Anne Reinke has a major goal in front of her: to “amplify” advocacy at TIA.

  • Despite import challenges, the future is so bright, we've gotta wear shades

    This fireside chat will revolve around imports, congestion, and how that flows into the domestic trucking market, as well as taking a look at inventory levels and semiconductors.

  • How 3PLs can differentiate themselves

    Creating differentiation for your 3PL is the key to success and growth. This cannot be overstated. How do you achieve differentiation when your services are almost identical to thousands of others. Most of the time it’s not what you sell, but how you sell and position your services that creates t...

  • Carrier safety and vetting: Why there's no Golden Rule

    Nuclear verdicts have rocked carriers over the past several years. The prescendent in these cases have become much clearer. Not so for 3PLs though. Insurance requirements and vetting carriers is still opaque and the legal ramnifications are significant.

  • How Smaller 3PLs can use Technology to Compete

    Running a logistics startup can be overwhelming. You watch large competitors stroke multi-million dollar checks for technology platforms, while you are focused on maintaining positive cash flow to pay your carriers and employees. Fortunately, there are tools that can help limit risks of scaling a...

  • Delivering a Better Digital Freight Experience Through Human-Centered Design

    Digitization and automation is often thought of as creating more distant relationships between 3PLs and carriers. Lily Shen and Andrew Cox discuss how digitization can create closer relationships between 3PLs and its carrier and shipper partners.

  • What the new normal looks like and how companies are adjusting

    George Abernathy, President, FreightWaves, chats with Danny Loe, Chief Yield Officer and President, Asset-Light Logistics, ArcBest.
    ArcBest’s Danny Loe talks with George Abernathy about what the new normal looks like for the market as shippers and capacity providers alike emerge out of the shadow...

  • Reimagining the supply chain for a better customer experience

    This fireside chat at the 3PL summit is with Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves, and Luis Pajares, Chief Revenue Officer at Turvo, provider of the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain. The pair will discuss how although visibility is a hot bu...

  • How to make email your competitive advantage - Fuller Speed Ahead

    FreightWaves Founder & CEO Craig Fuller speaks with LB Harvey, Chief Revenue and Success Officer for Front, about the effectiveness of Front's customer communication platform.

  • Capacity Strategy for 2021

    Capacity has been tight since the early economic lockdowns ended. The bull market for freight demand and strained truck capacity leading companies to become creative in building strategies for sourcing and managing carriers.

  • What will the "new normal" look like for 3PLs?

    JT Engstrom, Chief Strategy Officer, FreightWaves, chats with Geoff Kelley, President, Nolan Transportation Group.

    After 12 months of a pandemic full of economic shutdowns and consumer behavior shifting what the new normal will look like for 3PLs. Geoff Kelley and JT Engstrom discuss what 3PLs n...

  • FleetOps: Innovative Capacity & Carrier Onboarding Solutions for Brokerages

    Chris Atkinson, CEO of FleetOps unveils and provides a demo of the company’s latest product - An onboarding solution that gives brokers the ability to easily interact, engage, and onboard new, eligible carriers using one intuitive app. The FleetOps mission statement is to help brokerages move tru...

  • DFMs and legacy brokers will become hardly distinguishable - Great Quarter, Guys

    Live from the 3PL Summit, Andrew and Seth are joined by Stifel's Bruce Chan to discuss where we are in the freight cycle. Bruce, decorated transport analyst and a veteran of the show, brings thoughtful insights on broker technology, DFMs vs legacy brokers, and much more.

  • Stratus Grid - Company Spotlight

  • Freight Club Software Demo

    Freight Club is a shipping software that serves retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs and customers of 3PLs. Get the best rates on residential shipping with our Quick Quote tool, prevent shipping liabilities, and enjoy full claims and insurance management. All carbon emissions from shipping through Frei...

  • Company Spotlight - TriumphPay

  • Meet Ambition with VP of Sales Mark McWatters - Demo

    Let Mark show you why Ambition is the #1 Sales Gamification and Coaching Software trusted by logistics leaders like Freightwaves, Globaltranz, Arrive Logistics, FedEx, and more.

  • How to make email your competitive advantage with Front - Demo

    For logistics companies specifically, email is an afterthought. Communications are fragmented in CRM, by channel, inside logistics platforms, chat tools, etc. It’s viewed as a cost-center (vs. growth center) BUT, client communications is incredibly strategic for logistics companies. Fixing your e...

  • Eurosender: Digital logistics solution for the SME segment - Demo

    Eurosender is a digital logistics solution for the SME segment. Customers get all-in-one dashboard where they can order wide range of logistics services, monitor expenses, track shipments and optimize their costs.

  • Emtec Digital: Delivering technology trust to the 3PL industry - Demo

    In this video, we will demonstrate Emtec Digital’s capabilities in helping the top 10 3PL firms scale digital transformation initiatives. Besides highlighting our digital technology service offerings for 3PLs, we will also showcase some of the work we have done for clients in the 3PL space.

  • Bringg: Technology to Optimize Specialized Delivery Logistics - Demo

    This short demo focuses on how Bringg’s technology powers last-mile delivery for a global logistics leader. Learn how logistics providers are “doing more with less,” using technology to improve operational efficiency as well as consignee and shipper experience, to improve their bottom line.

  • Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking and digital freight matching - Demo

    Gain a competitive advantage with Trucker Tools' real-time, accurate load visibility solution and predictive digital freight matching. The popular driver app, downloaded by over 1.2 million drivers, provides automated real-time shipment tracking to eliminate check calls while providing added valu...

  • Daily assessment - Freight Forecasting

    Vincent and Zach walk you through a quick morning routine to assess the freight markets.

  • Don't let your IT slow your sales growth - Put That Coffee Down

    Kevin is live from FreightWaves' 3PL Summit and he's talking sales growth. There are four factors outside of sales that can enhance or constrain your growth. These include cash flow, carrier network, automation, and last but not least IT infrastructure. Chris Hurst, CTO of StratusGrid lays down t...