Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Summit

Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Summit

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Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Summit
  • AEV_Alan Adler_Mo Poorsartep_Srinivas Gowda_V1

    Navistar shocked the trucking world a year ago when it declared it would build and sell a Level 4 high automation electric truck by 2024 in partnership with TuSimple. As the overall timetable accelerates toward driverless trucking, Navistar and TuSimple appear to have the confidence of more tha...

  • Covering all bets in future propulsion

    Say Cummins and the first thought is, "Oh, they make diesel engines.' That is only apart of the 102-year-old company today. Hydrogen, fuel cells and battery-powered electrification account for a growing part of the company portfolio. The changes mirror transportation's move to alternative fuels.

  • Electrifying the less glamorous commercial vehicles

    From armored trucks to heavy-duty tractors, there are the less-desirable vehicles that make great candidates for electrification. Xos embraces these customers who are great candidates to transition to zero-emission powertrains.

  • Autonomous trucking: It really is a science project

    Kodiak Robotics co-founder and CEO Don Burnette has been around autonomous vehicles since working on the Google self-driving car project. His second try at starting an autonomous trucking software company is putting points on the board with the Air Force, Bridgestone Tire and a presence in Asia. ...

  • Breaking the chicken-and-egg challenge in electrification

    Most people think of Proterra as an early player in electric transit buses. That is accurate but incomplete. The company has expanded into battery packs and electric infrastructure. Telling that story is part of the reason it chose to go public via SPAC rather than a more restrictive initial publ...

  • Surveying the driverless landscape

    Gartner is known for its tracking of technologies through peaks, valleys and the trough of disillusionment. Where are electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles on this spectrum?

  • Working to get Level 4 autonomous trucks on the road

    In the two years since Torc Robotics became part of Daimler Trucks, the autonomous software developer has been taking advantage of Daimler's relationships with fleets to learn specifically what they need as robot trucks draw nearer to reality. CEO Michael Fleming remains firm that autonomy must h...

  • Critical opportunities on the path to full autonomy

    Locomation is a leader in the autonomous space who has a human-guided autonomy solution to aid their clients on the path to full autonomy, and their CEO & Co-Founder Çetin Meriçli, joins FreightWaves President George Abernathy to share updates and discuss this space. They discuss the potential be...

  • Testing the short-term needs for electric vehicles

    Two of the first Workhorse Group composite body electric vans went to Ryder to take the temperature of customer desire for short-term rental exposures to electric vans. Ryder will be one of the companies that gauges reaction to EV technology by inserting them in their fleets.

  • Can a plug-and-play addition on manufacturer trucks help the move to autonomy?

    After completing the first autonomous cross country trip in 2018, Embark Trucks stayed below the radar until this year when it has announced a plethora of advancements like solving the challenge of autonomous trucks navigating construction zones, developing a universal interface that will plug in...

  • Anticipating Federal autonomous driving regulations

    Automated driving technologies for semi-trucks are heading towards commercialization and deployment. Hear from Wiley Deck, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy of Plus and former FMCSA Deputy Administrator, on how regulations can unlock the full potential of self-driving technol...

  • FreightTech Awards honor innovation and disruption

    Michael Plasencia, Executive Director of Innovation at Ryder System, joined FreightWaves' Andrew Cox to discuss this year's FreightTech Awards. The structure remains the same as previous years, with the industry nominating companies and industry leaders voting on the winners. And the goal remains...

  • LIVE from the Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Summit - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are coming to you live from FreightWaves’ Autonomous and Electric Vehicle virtual event.
    They’re joined by Plus COO Shawn Kerrigan; FreightWaves Detroit Bureau Chief; AEye Co-Founder, GM of ADAS and VP of Corporate Development, Jordan Green; The Giumarra Com...