Cold Chain Summit

Cold Chain Summit

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Cold Chain Summit
  • The latest trends for the cold chain

    When it comes to cold chain the efficiencies and growth over the next decade will be driven by technology. What does the future hold for cold chain networks as direct to consumer deliveries increase exponentially and cold storage capacity becomes ever more scarce around world.

  • Tracking container temperatures on the high seas

    Moving temperature-sensitive foods takes a collaborative effort in technology, and SeaCube is supporting that effort with its container leasing strategy

  • Challenges in the wholesale supply chain

    John Brewer of CKE Restaurants reviews the changes and the pressures that e-commerce and the pandemic have put on the cold chain for restaurant operators.

  • How refrigerated carriers are adapting to new buying trends

    Danny Christner, CEO of John Christner Trucking, describes changes in food habits and how carriers can stay agile to meet customer expectations. Christner explains the difficulties of modifying food supply chains and his thoughts on if these habitual changes are here to stay.

  • Cold Chain Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    The COVID-19 pandemic put a big spotlight on the cold chain's role in the pharmaceutical industry. Alex Guite, with the drug distributor World Courier, explains how the cold chain took on that challenge and what drug distributors have learned about the cold chain from the pandemic.

  • The latest refrigerated trailer technology

    The pandemic's influence on home delivery accelerated a permanent change that Wabash National Corp. saw years before COVID changed the way we eat, meet and work. The company began working on low-carbon solutions like equipping trailers with solar-power refrigeration units and is expanding use of ...

  • The challenges and opportunities of 2-day grocery delivery

    Sr. Retail Analyst Andrew Cox is joined by Mark Nelson, CEO of Perishable Shipping Solutions to discuss how e-commerce is reshaping the cold chain. PSS provides fulfillment services to food brands, with a nice in perishable food items. PSS has a fulfillment solution to meet 85% of Americans with ...

  • How hackers attack the cold chain

    Cybercriminals are putting the cold chain in the crosshairs. Kurt George, a vice president with Property Damage Appraisers, chats with FreightWaves cybersecurity reporter Nate Tabak about why ransomware attacks are hitting cold storage facilities and what companies can do to protect themselves.

  • The importance of site selection for cold chain facilities

    New cold chain capacity is expensive and complicated to fit into your network. It's not all about location either as you also have to think about location, power, and government partnerships.

  • The regulatory pressures of the global cold chain

    The Global Cold Chain Alliance represents 1,300 companies in over 85 countries that are involved in the cold chain industry. In this fireside chat, Lowell Randel, the group’s senior vice president for government and legal affairs, talks about regulations and policy issues affecting the industry, ...

  • The cold chain as it flies around the world

    Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products, especially pharmaceuticals, during distribution requires refrigerated warehouses and trucks. Extending the cold chain to air adds another layer of complexity. Envirotainer was one of the early companies that years ago began providing in...

  • The spoils of cold chain - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are coming to you live from FreightWaves Cold Chain Summit. With reefer rates about to crack $4.00/mi, port congestion freezing margins, and industrial space in short supply they’ll look into the state of the cold chain supply chain.
    They’re joined by speci...