Demos - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

Demos - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

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Demos - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME
  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Demo

    Senior Product Manager Brian Sowul demos’s new Book It Now feature of its Intelligent Matching Meets Instant Booking platform, the first-ever technology that lets preferred carriers book their loads instantly and in real time.

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  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME PROS Demo

    Rylee Case, Executive Account Manager for T&L, shows how the PROS digital platform uses AI and machine learning to help T&L companies optimize their end-to-end selling process and accelerate the quoting and booking process. This demo features the creation of a personalized customer quote, with wi...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Transflo Demo

    Doug Schrier, VP of Product and Innovation, and Don Mitchell, Marketing Director, unveil Transflo Velocity+, a software for 3PLs and freight brokers who want to improve cash-flow, automate back-office tasks, and establish stronger digital ties with shippers, carriers, drivers, and their own staff.

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME TriumphPay Demo

    Haley Evans, Sales Manager, and Garrett Wolfe, Product Manager, showcase the TriumphPay mobile app, where carriers can create paperwork, take pictures of their load documents, and submit invoices all from their phones. A straight-forward user experience reduces the amount of work for brokers, whi...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME J.B. Hunt Demo

    Mark Brewer, Director of Product Innovation, provides a demo of Carrier 360 with a focus on 360box. During the demo, Brewer demonstrates how a small fleet owner who primarily runs power-only loads can use Carrier 360 to manage his fleet. He also shares the operational process for a 360box power-o...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME LeanTech Demo

    Alfonso Quijano, COO and Co-founder, provides an inside look at the Lean Tech Efficiency App, which enables users to map out core needs in the logistics industry and convert them into relevant solutions through the use of technology—all based on unique company needs.

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Mcleod Demo

    Ryan Sparrow, DocumentPower Product Manager, introduces a new WebLogix robotic process automation (RPA) extension to McLeod’s popular FlowLogix business process automation (BPA) tools. In this example, Sparrow demonstrates how the combined power of BPA and RPA can improve both efficiency and velo...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Level One Demo

    Tom Whaley, President of Level One Technologies, shares a look at the company’s Epay Manager tool, which helps brokers take control of their data and processes to become more trusted and reliable business partners for their carriers and customers. To accomplish this, Epay combines a broker’s data...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Trucker Tools Demo

    Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, demonstrates the use of the Smart Capacity platform, which gives brokers accurate, real-time data to optimally match freight with trucks and allow them to track loads from the beginning of a trip to the end. The popular driver app, downloaded b...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Spireon Demo

    Belinda Rueffer shares a demo of Spireon’s IntelliScan technology, which leverages a proprietary combination of ultrasonic, optical imaging, and laser time of flight to achieve 99.9% accuracy in cargo detection. IntelliScan reads the entire 53’ trailer, reliably and accurately, in extreme environ...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Hubtek Demo

    Trey Griggs, Global Director of Sales, and Joel McGinley, Managing Director, share a look at Hubtek’s TABi virtual assistant as part of their robotic process automation (RPA) technology, which is designed to enhance workforce efficiency.

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Emerge Demo

    Emerge founder Andrew Leto and CTO John Hess provide a demo of the Emerge Marketplace, which allows customers to access rates for all of their spot/overflow freight and compare them alongside their current network.

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME DL Cartel Demo

    Jonathan Walters and Eric Lisciandrello demonstrate the DL Cartel platform, which is designed for carriers trying to access the market and customers working to manage their freight. Key features include location accuracy, planning, supply chain finance and reconciliation tools; predictable, per-t...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Teknowlogi Demo

    CTO Walter Mitchell shares how Teknowlogi uses AI-powered automation to analyze data, recommend solutions and help organizations operate as the most intelligent versions of themselves. Key areas of discussion include AI insights, logistics expert systems, visibility software, applied intelligence...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Front Demo

    Andrew Berger, VP of Global sales, provides a demo of Front, the inbox built for modern logistics and transportation teams. By replacing company email and turning it into a flexible platform where users can organize communication, get context for decisions and take action faster—no matter their l...

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Samsara Demo

    Product Marketer Gabby Deocares provides a look at Samsara Fleet Solutions, which encompasses a complete portfolio of IOT solutions that combine hardware, software and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to company operations.

  • FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME Platform Science Demo

    VP of Product Darrin Demchuck demonstrates how fleets can now use Platform Science to unlock the power of their telematics, software and connectivity services in a totally new and unseen way, designed to get them running from day one.

  • Pilot Travel Centers @ HOME Demo

    Tyler Tanaka, Sr. Director for Digital Brand Marketing, and Ginny Holmes, Sr. Manager of Digital Products, provide a demo of the Pilot Flying J app—named Best Retail Mobile Application and Best Transportation Mobile Application by Mobile Web Awards in 2019. The app is designed to help drivers sav...

  • First Fleet @ Home Demo

    Austin Henderson, CIO for First Fleet, shows the benefits of the Platform Science integration in their ecosystem.

  • Convoy @ Home Demo

    Leeyah Heilicher, Program Manager, provides a look at the Convoy shipper platform, which gives shippers direct self-serve access to endless capacity through Convoy’s digital freight network. With this free easy to use online tool, you can get instant upfront quotes for spot freight, book a load w...

  • Optym @ Home Demo

    Raguram Venkatesan, Director of Trucking Solutions, shares a demo of Optym’s RouteMax, which gives users the reliable information they need to make the best routing and dispatching decisions and to deliver outstanding customer service. This includes efficiency measurement, data tracking, costing ...

  • Loadsure @ Home Demo

    CEO Johnny McCord and COO Jim Heide demonstrate how Loadsure helps transportation and logistics companies address the millions of uninsured or underinsured freight tons each year. Loadsure empowers brokers, shippers and carriers to potentially cut per-load insurance costs by 5X and accelerate cla...

  • TTN Fleet Solutions @ Home Demo

    EVP Tyler Harden and Director of Business Integration Josh Dill share a look at the FleetAssist client portal, which provides a user friendly, sophisticated and detailed view of live breakdowns that fleets may be experiencing.

  • Uptake @ Home Demo

    Braden Pastalaniec, VP of Transportation and Logistics, shares a look at Uptake’s Predictive Maintenance Software that helps its customers reduce downtime, remove unexpected maintenance issues and save fuel costs. They also highlight one of the newest features, their Asset Explorer tool.