Drayage Update

Drayage Update

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Drayage Update
  • Drayage Update Presented by NEXT Trucking

    Laura Fava chats with Vikram Kaul, Vice President of Bristlecone, about optimizing supply chains through technology as well as the importance of information sharing in today's digital world.

  • DRAYAGE UPDATE: What 2020 Looks Like for Drayage

    Market Expert Henry Byers sits down with FreightWaves EVP of Global Commercial Development Laura Fava to talk about what the drayage sector of the logistics industry may look like in 2020 and 2021, and also give some friendly advice for those who are looking to capitalize on new technology.

  • Port of Savannah is poised to take on Los Angeles & Long Beach - Drayage Update

    Market expert Henry Byers sits down with FreightWavesTV anchor Emily Szink and talks about how the Port of Savannah is aggressively expanding its operations and getting ready to take on the likes of Los Angeles and Long Beach to become the premiere port in the United States.

  • The importance of chassis and addressing the shortage - Drayage Update

    Market Expert Henry Byers sits down with FreightWavesTV Anchor Emily Szink to talk chassis. Chassis are an extremely crucial part of the drayage process. This video is in partnership with NEXT.

  • NEXT expands its drayage marketplace - Drayage Update

    John Papageorgiou, the Senior Product Manager at NEXT, sits down with FreightWavesTV's Emily Szink in Chicago during FreightWaves LIVE to talk about the updated drayage marketplace. NEXT makes freight easy for shippers, carriers and independent Owner Operators.

  • FreightWaves NOW: Drayage report, what's happening in Denver

    In the carrier update presented by AT&T Business, Market Expert Zach Strickland analyzes the Denver market, Meteorologist Nick Austin continues to track Tropical Storm Dorian, and Market Expert Henry Byers compares 2018 peak season to 2019 in the drayage update.