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  • Drone Delivery: How close are we? A PR Discussion

    In this session FreightWaves director of PR, Matt Stubbs, talks with Bill Wimberley, head of business development at Wingcopter about developments in drone capabilities, safety, perception problems, and how close we are to drones as a last mile solution for delivery.

  • How NASA is driving innovation in drone technology

    During this keynote, Parimal Kopardekar discusses what drones mean for the future of air traffic control. How will net-enabled air traffic control change the way autonomous and unmanned drones operate in some soon-to-be crowded skies.

  • Planning urban centers for drone delivery

    Kaylee Nix talks to Joshua Goldstein, business development manager at UrbanFootprint, about how his company is taking a data-driven approach to planning layouts of urban environments.

  • Developing drones as a service

    The less seen and heard about drones is what will make them successful as premium last-mile delivery vehicles. And being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration is akin to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

  • Drones and the agricultural supply chain

    AgEagle is a manufacturer of drones, often for custom applications, based in the U.S. Its CEO, Michael Drozd, talks with FreightWaves editor at large John Kingston about the competitive landscape for drone manufacturers, the agricultural uses that were in the company's origins, and where he sees ...

  • The future of on-demand delivery

    Drone companies will need to develop partnerships to scale its services. Alan Tay and Chris Jarvis describes their recent partnership how it will fuel growth for both GoFor and Aurora.

  • Delivering everything with drones

    Drone delivery economics continue to improve dramatically, especially at scale. Join Bobby Healy and Kevin Hill as they talk about payloads and how to calculate drone delivery costs. It's all about energy, distance, and wind speed.

  • The role of underwater drones in the supply chain

    Diving into the deep with a look at uses for underwater drones from shipwrecks to science.

  • UPS' unique and aggressive approach to drone services

    Through its Flight Forward subsidiary, UPS is approaching drones and UAVs in an aggressive manor with the goal of being an industry leader. UPS Flight Forward is one of only three drone companies with a Part 135 certificate allowing them to own and operate a fleet of UAVs. Kevin Wasik, the Head o...

  • Flying beyond the line of sight

    Anthony Smith and Yariv Bash dive into the near-future for drone delivery. Yariv breaks down the reality of on demand drone delivery and dispels misconceptions about the industry.

  • The future of drone delivery is on par - At Your Doorstep

    Drones could be the next mechanism for carrying packages from place to place, but they need a receptacle for secure drop off. Valqari is designing that drop point and is testing it in a unique location.

  • From delivery to Drone Racing League - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about the need for drone speed at Modern Shipper’s DroneWaves virtual event. Learn all about how the Drone Racing League works and how its innovations are pushing forward the capabilities of drones.

    They’re joined by special guest Ashley Ellefs...