Enterprise Fleet Summit

Enterprise Fleet Summit

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Enterprise Fleet Summit
  • Optimism abounds for LTL carriers

    George Abernathy, President of FreightWaves, chats with Emerge Founder & CEO Andrew Leto.

    Andrew Leto led a $50m equity investment in Roadrunner in early March. Andrew sits down with George to discuss why he thinks Roadrunner might be the next billion dollar freight company.

  • Controlling driver turnover is all about communication

    George Abernathy, President of FreightWaves, chats with Dave Ables, President & CEO of Dart.

    Driver turnover is always a challenge for enterprise fleets. Dave and George discuss the importance of communication in reducing driver turnover.

  • Women in trucking

    Learn about the Women In Trucking Association and meet the group’s CEO and Chairwoman of the Board. Ellen Voie, President and CEO chats with Laura Roan Hays, volunteer leader and Great Dane Branch Manager discuss the history of the group and future goals.

  • Utilizing precise location data for improved efficiency - Tech in Action

    With keeping drivers, and the people around them, safe as their sole mission, learn how Roehl Transport partnered with Trimble MAPS to help drivers overcome major hurdles in the last mile. Using custom location and route management tools, Trimble MAPS was able to customize 7,000 customer location...

  • Strategies and tactics for the 3G sunset - Tech in Action

    Anthony Smith, Strategic Executive Producer & Lead Economist at FreightWaves, chats with Anton Albrand, Division VP & Chief Revenue Officer at SkyBitz.

    As the industry moves to 4G LTE, now is the time to evaluate your current strategy to ensure hardware availability, future connectivity, and all...

  • Dedicated fleet strategies to manage risks

    Listen in to hear a rich discussion around dedicated truckload operations’ ability to provide elevated service metrics, at stable pricing levels, while helping level I expect cyclicality, all in a fashion that offers a more driver friendly environment.

  • Managing private fleets

    Zach Strickland chats with Brent Bergevin, Vice President of Transportation at Gemini Motor Transport, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores about the challenges of dedicated fleet management.

  • Pushing boundaries for driver training

    John Gallagher, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Bailey Wood, President & CEO, Commercial Vehicle Training Association.

    Success for enterprise fleets – like all trucking sectors – begins with professionally-trained drivers. In this Fireside Chat, Bailey Wood, the new President and CEO of ...

  • Commercializing Autonomous Trucks: Working with the freight ecosystem

    Self-driving trucks hold much promise in improving safety, sustainability, and speed across the freight industry. As the technology continues to improve, companies like Embark are working closely with freight ecosystem partners to define autonomous trucking operations at commercial scale. In this...

  • Recruiting and filling seats in 2021

    If driver recruiting were fishing, we'd all be saying there are less fish in the pond plus more people fishing in it. Makes for some tough fishing! Carriers are in a battle to attract drivers today while the industry knows that increasing the driver pool overall is a necessity for our future.

  • Flatbed demand is a leading economic indicator

    The flatbed market is heating up in 2021 and that's good news for the entire economy. Russ Elliott explains how Melton Truck Lines adapted and thrived over the past 12 months, and why everyone should be encouraged by how demand is shaping up for the next 12 months.

  • The Sultan of SONAR reviews what the platform says about freight markets today

    Vincent and Zach talk SONAR at the Enterprise Fleet Summit.

  • Platform Science Workflow - Demo

    Join us to see Platform Science Workflow - a powerful application purpose-built for automating loads and connecting with your drivers. You’ll learn how to save them up to 5 minutes per load with automated data entry and ultimately upgrade your driver’s experience - all without touching your TMS.

  • Maximize your cube and find nearby empty trailers with SkyBitz InSight - Demo

    At SkyBitz we provide productivity tools that empower our customers to use technology to improve their profitability. Whether it's line hauls or deliveries, meeting your KPIs results in significant, measurable cost savings. Faster trailer turns mean more revenue. Watch how easy it is to find an e...

  • Optimizing the load planning process with Trimble Dispatch Advisor - Demo

    Join us for an up-close look at how Trimble Dispatch Advisor helps fleets streamline how freight is matched with available capacity. In this demo, we will explore how this solution quickly provides planners with recommendations and explanations of why these recommendations were made. Explore how ...

  • Samsara: The connected operations cloud company - Demo

    Samsara, the Connected Operations Cloud company, collects IoT data from sensors, cameras and gateways — including vehicles, trailers, reefers, powered equipment, and more. With AI-powered, secure cloud software, Samsara has built solutions for safety, visibility, workflows, reporting, and a platf...

  • Ltyx: A clear picture of compliance - Demo

    Reduce CSA violations with streamlined DOT data. Meet your ELD’s new best friend. Put your raw ELD data to work by turning it into information you can use.

  • Tech connecting drivers with fleets LIVE from EFS - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    Dooner and The Dude are LIVE from FreightWaves' Enterprise Fleet Summit where they're joined by special guests: Alexander Stevenson, vice president, product management, Samsara; Chris Orban, vice president, data science, Trimble.

  • Importance of weather data in fleet visibility LIVE from EFS - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    Dooner and The Dude are LIVE from FreightWaves' Enterprise Fleet Summit where they're joined by special guests: Scott Pecoriello, founder and CEO, Weather Optics; Jake Fields, co-founder and CTO, Platform Science.

  • Trucking stocks and valuations - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth interview UBS Senior Equity Research Analyst Tom Wadewitz about the rationale behind his recent trucking downgrade, his favorite stock picks in transports, what he thinks of the CPKC merger and more.

  • Data based utilization for fleets - Put That Coffee Down

    It's all about capacity utilization when tender rejections are this high. Tight capacity should last for months, so it is important to be as efficient as possible with utilization. Using the right data to is key to maximizing utilization and creating differentiation in your customer service levels.