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  • Something's Gotta Give! - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony bring on Dr. Dale and Zac Rogers to discuss the ongoing build up of upstream price increases, challenges around unemployment and more!

  • When will capacity stop crunching - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony bring on Alan Adler to discuss how OEMs supply chain issues may keep the current transportation cycle tighter longer.

  • Well, wood you look at that? - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony talk lumber, labor gas and warehouse capacity and what it means for freight. Special guest Zac Rogers joins to give LMI updates.

  • The cost of nearshoring - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach discuss the rising costs and shortages of commodities and how they are putting the squeeze on production and inventories as the economy crawls out of the pandemic and ask should we put more effort on domestic production?

  • The maritimely-ness of it all - Freightonomics

    The maritime shipping space has been filled with more drama than an episode of the Kardashians. Henry Byers joins Anthony and Zach to discuss the container shortage, Suez Canal debacle, and other problems that have contributed to all-time high shipping rates and what some of the data is telling u...

  • High & Tight! - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony dive into higher prices making it's way to consumers and tight capacity within warehousing with Dr. Zac Rogers.

  • Unions, Semiconductors, and Employment - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach discuss what the Amazon Union vote means for logistics, how the semiconductor shortage will impact capacity, and why employers are having trouble hiring.

  • Intermod-all about it - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach bring on intermodal and rail expert Mike Baudendistel to discuss how the sector is handling import growth, the container crisis, and what its future looks like post pandemic.

  • Suez What!? - Freightonomics

    The Suez canal blockage has been a big enough deal to make its way into pop-culture meme references. But what are the real implications of what appears to be yet another roadblock for supply chain and inventory management in 2021?

  • Is inflation becoming a real threat to economic recovery? - Freightonomics

    The winter weather sent transportation rates back into peak mode while supply chains got another roadblock in their path to inventory replenishments. All of these problems come at a cost that will eventually end up hitting the consumer and potentially stifling the recovery process.

  • Rough Waters Ahead - Freightonomics

    Maritime capacity continues to push rates higher. Dr Zac Rogers comes on to discuss how this has pushed many shippers to look for other options as supply chains are reformed throughout the globe.

  • How Quickly are Supply Chains Changing? - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony discuss how supply chain managers are changing their focus after a year of COVID and bring on Dr. Zac Rogers to talk about how quickly things are moving with a look at the latest Logistic’s Managers Index.

  • The Data Dump - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach pour through the latest economic and freight market numbers, explaining the significance of each while discussing the increasing importance of knowing how to interpret and use data in the age of over-information.

  • Protectionism vs Free Trade - Freightonomics

    After a trade war with China and a pandemic, more protectionist policies have been considered and implemented in the U.S. than seen in decades. What does this mean for the economic recovery and domestic transportation?

  • Unclogging the bottlenecks - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach discuss how the nation's largest restocking event will shape transportation and logistics through the first half of the year with Dr Zac Rogers.

  • What Matters the Most - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony dive into what matters the most during times of chaos and uncertainty.

  • Will 2021 be a good year for freight? - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach have a comprehensive discussion over what the economic and freight market indicators are telling us to expect in the coming year.

  • Regulators! Mount up! - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach bring on FreightWaves’ VP of Association & University Development, Will Sehestedt, to open the door on policy makers’ agendas and how president-elect Biden may impact transportation regulations in 2021.

  • Will shipping bottlenecks help or hurt transportation providers?- Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach discuss the bottlenecks that continue to plague the maritime shipping industry, while breaking down the latest retail and industrial numbers.

  • How capital investments are reshaping supply chains - Freightonomics

    LIVE from the FreightTech Venture Summit, Zach and Anthony talk economics and hear from Jon Bradford with Dynamo, an early-stage investment fund.

  • The cold facts of the supply chain - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony cover the latest trends impacting the cold chain with special guest, Zac Rogers.

  • Prime days ahead! - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony cover the latest in the logistics industry with special guest, Dr. Zac Rogers.

  • No days off - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach discuss the latest Logistics Managers Index results with guest Dr. Zac Rogers and what is driving the continued tightening of the domestic freight market.

  • Leading the way - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach have Dr. Matt Waller, Dean of Sam M. Walton College of Business, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Arkansas on to discuss the importance of leadership in transportation as well as how supply chains are evolving as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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