FreightWaves LIVE @HOME - Spring 2021

FreightWaves LIVE @HOME - Spring 2021

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FreightWaves LIVE @HOME - Spring 2021
  • Capacity, drivers, and other challenges in the market

    There are almost too many industry trends to count in 2021. Adam Miller, president of Swift Transportation sits down with George Abernathy, president of FreightWaves to discuss what's on his mind. This includes capacity, hiring and retaining drivers, consumer demand, contract rates, and of course...

  • Keynote with Shelley Simpson and Craig Fuller

    Shelley Simpson opens FreightWaves LIVE @HOME with her unique perspective on the freight markets. It's been a turbulent year so far, but where are we headed from here?

  • LPaaS as the future of FreightTech

    The next revolution in FreightTech will be centered on LPSaaS as the new model. Join Mark Yeager, CEO of Redwood Logistics explain this concept to George Abernathy, president of FreightWaves.

  • Innovation and growth strategies - Fuller Speed Ahead

    Craig Fuller, Founder & CEO of FreightWaves, sits down with Kendra Tucker, Chief Revenue Officer of to discuss innovation and growth strategies that focus on empowering the customer.

  • Navigating through volatile times

    Navigating ships through volatile times is challenging, but it's where great companies position themselves for the future. Chairman and CEO of Werner discusses the past year and the industry trends he sees coming together with FreightWaves President, George Abernathy.

  • Exploring the future of FreightTech

    The most attractive FreightTech opportunities are constantly changing. New products and companies are popping up each day. Join Kendra Phillips and George Abernathy as they discuss where investment dollars are likely to land in the near future.

  • How technology and innovation are key to navigating today’s supply chain

    Necessity is the mother of all invention and innovation, and the past year is likely to be the seed for hyper-innovation over the next five to ten years. Michael Newcity and Kevin Hill discuss these innovation seeds in this fireside chat.

  • Strategies to navigate port congestion

    Congestion in US ports and import supply chains, how it's affecting shippers, and what are the strategies shippers can use to navigate the congestion?

  • Capacity, drivers, and other challenges in the market

    There are almost too many industry trends to count in 2021. Adam Miller, president of Swift Transportation sits down with George Abernathy, president of FreightWaves to discuss what's on his mind. This includes capacity, hiring and retaining drivers, consumer demand, contract rates, and of cours...

  • Understanding insurance: Critical issues in the transportation industry

    A deep dive into nuclear verdicts, trucking accidents, and rising insurance rates in the transportation industry.

  • Charting the path to autonomous trucking

    Removing the driver from behind the wheel of an autonomous truck is the ultimate goal of a nascent industry with at least a half dozen contenders.. Which company gets there first is less important that keeping an 80,000-pound robot truck operating safely. Waymo Via product manager Shai Ben Nun sh...

  • Freight Technology and Resiliency in 2021

    The big questions right now are whether the economy will open, we will see a wave of freight (will prices rise or fall?), and what we are going to do about it.This conversation will explore trends in real-time digital brokerage technology adoption and what's next for the freight industry.

  • Great companies should always be in stealth mode

    Drew McElroy, founder and executive chairman of digital freight marketplace Transfix, leads a wide-ranging conversation about the evolution of the freight tech space, including partnerships, integrations, and co-opetition. Drew and JP Hampstead discuss the dissolving borders between freight match...

  • How sustainability initiatives are driving shipper strategies

    Zach Strickland and Jim Nicholson discuss how shippers have modified their strategies over the past year with increasing focus on sustainability and improving compliance.

  • Navigating Unchartered Territory in the Transportation Industry

    The state of the transportation industry is one we’ve never experienced before, with an abundance of freight, port delays and capacity crunches at unseen levels. Dan Kopp, Chief Executive Officer at ITG Transportation, along with Trey Griggs, Chief of Staff at Lean Solutions Group, will discuss t...

  • 2021 Shipper of Choice Awards

    Join ArcBest and FreightWaves as we recognize the manufacturers, distributors and retailers who do the best job of keeping the American economy moving by fighting driver detention, providing accessible facilities, and understanding what it takes to remove inefficiencies from the supply chain.

  • Visibility 2.0: Spotting Opportunities In A Rapidly Changing Market

    Logistics leaders need real visibility into their supply chains, as the many disruptions of the past year demonstrated. Join Ketan Karkhanis, Chief Product Officer at Turvo and Grace Sharkey at FreightWaves as they discuss critical industry trends, the next generation of visibility, and how to sp...

  • The importance of cyber security

    As ransomware attacks proliferate, cybersecurity is more mission critical than ever. GlobalTranz Chief Technology Officer Russ Felker talks with FreightWaves reporter Nate Tabak about what transportation and logistics companies can do make their operations more secure, and importantly, resilient ...

  • Practical challenges logistics providers face - Fuller Speed Ahead

    The pandemic is pulled forward e-commerce demand and accelerated final mile trends from years to months. Larry Klein discusses how end to end visibility is the key to growing your final mile capabilities with productivity at the forefront.

  • The middle mile will be the first to autonomize

    The middle mile, with its known, repetitive, and active lanes, is primed for autonomy. Gatik, which has partnerships with Walmart and a handful of other prominent grocery retailers, is poised to be the first to test fully driverless middle mile routes this year in Arkansas for Walmart. Gatik also...

  • Moving forward from the pandemic

    Industry leader, Erin Van Zeeland, SVP/GM of Schneider Logistics, shares career and industry insights on what it takes to be competitive with TriumphPay’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Haley Evans.

  • The business of local relays

    Driver productivity is the simplest method to increase truck capacity. Andrew Berberick discusses how increasing average drive times from roughly 6.5 hours a day helps the shipping industry.

  • SONAR Reefer Awareness

    Zach and Jimmy walk through all of SONAR's reefer data and application as well as introduce its latest addition.

  • Achieve supply chain agility with nimble transportation and logistics insurance

    The top Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation companies in the world utilize a practical level of technology to reduce costs and drive efficiency. Insurance has historically been slow to change and embrace the pace supply chains move, until now! Reliance Partners is the largest and fastest ...