Global Supply Chain Week

Global Supply Chain Week

Catch up on all of the Global Supply Chain Week from February 22 - March 3, 2021!

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Global Supply Chain Week
  • The impact to global supply chains in a post-COVID world

    Craig Fuller, Founder & CEO, FreightWaves, chats with James Pomeroy, Global Economist, HSBC Bank.

    HSBC Economist James Pomeroy discusses his research and shares his insights into the impacts on global supply chains and economies of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Keynote interview with FreightWav...

  • The drama of cargo claims and post-pandemic landscape for shippers globally

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Lina Jasutiene, Managing Director, Recoupex.

    Have you ever wondered why in the era of global e-commerce, customer satisfaction and one click solutions, cargo claims remain a nightmare for importers and exporters worldwide? Lina and Steve discuss ...

  • Forward Air's CEO reviews an enormously eventful year for the LTL carrier

    John Kingston, Editor-at-large, FreightWaves, chats with Tom Schmitt, Chairman, President and CEO, Forward Air Corporation.

    A company like Forward Air has been whipsawed during the pandemic. Air freight, which serves as the backbone of many Forward Air operations, saw new customers looking to ta...

  • The roadmap to maritime sustainability

    Kevin Hill, Executive Publisher, FreightWaves, chats with Andrew Stephens, Executive Director, Sustainable Shipping Initiative.

  • How you can build niche influence

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Tom Augenthaler, Founder, 551 Media LLC.

    How to position yourself on social media to build your following.

  • Crafty BCO ideas for next gen contracting

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Jack Conaghan, Director of Global Logistics, AutoZone.

  • Changes in the air cargo market

    Kaylee Nix, Reporter, FreightWaves, chats with Brian Whitley, President, Taimen Transport.

    How will the surging demand for air cargo transport last into the new year? Will emerging technologies (like drones) have an impact on the future of cargo delivery?

  • The power shift from shippers to ocean carriers

    Greg Miller, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Tom Craig, Supply Chain/Logistics Consultant & Advisor.

    The balance of power between ocean carriers and cargo shippers has changed. Carriers are now firmly in the driver’s seat – with major implications for service contract negotiations and sp...

  • Investing in container shipping stocks

    Greg Miller, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Randy Giveans, SVP, Equity Research, Jefferies.

    Traders and investors have three main ways to play container shipping: They can buy shares of listed container liner companies, ship-leasing companies or box-leasing companies. Each offers differ...

  • On, off, near, sure: Shoring-up the supply chain

    Jonathan Kempe, CEO & Founder, Verifai, chats with Rich Mason, President & CEO, Critical Infrastructure, and Amy Broglin-Peterson, Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University.

    Supply-chain digitalization is accelerating at pace, while customer demand is driving an increased desire for transpare...

  • How Texas ports weathered the storm - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about winter storm impact on Texas network two weeks later; critical infrastructure for sea freight; SeaTech that’s investible; and the state of blockchain at sea. 

    Plus, at least 15 dead in California crash involving a truck; regulators weigh ...

  • Leading Indicators from SONAR - #WithSONAR

    On today's episode of #WithSONAR, Luke and Kyle will take you through some of the most upstream leading indicators SONAR can provide for the freight market.  With SONAR's exclusive 'Ocean Bookings Dataset', you can see ocean imports and exports weeks in advance before they ever start their ocean ...

  • FreightTech investing and themes

    JT Engstrom, Chief Strategy Officer, FreightWaves, chats with Brian Aoaeh, General Partner, REFASHIOND Ventures.

    Join us as we explore fund raising and investing in freight technology prior to, throughout, and after COVID-19. In addition, we will discuss changes in in supply chains as a result o...

  • Artificial intelligence based automation in the logistics industry

    Travis Rhyan, Chief Product Officer, FreightWaves, chats with Kate Curtin, Marketing Director, Deep Cognition.

    Deep Cognition is a lead provider in Artificial Intelligence development and deployment platforms and solutions. In this Fireside chat, we will discuss our unique AI-based OCR software ...

  • Personal branding & storytelling with Gary Vaynerchuk

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, VaynerMedia.

  • Prospects for VC-backed startups in maritime

    Greg Miller, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Evan Efstathiou, CEO, Burmester & Vogel/Skysail Advisors.

    There’s more funding available to startups focused on maritime. Some startups are seeking to create operational efficiencies, saving costs and reducing ships’ greenhouse gas emissions. ...

  • Contracting, the good, the bad, & the ugly

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Stephanie Loomis, VP of FCL Product, Vanguard Logistics.

  • Managing the storm: The FMC's role in addressing the container shortage

    John Gallagher, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Carl Bentzel, Commissioner, Federal Maritime Commission.

    Booming imports and the effects of COVID-19 are straining container supply chains while causing transportation rates to surge and port congestion get worse. U.S. exporters, meanwhile,...

  • The future of container shipping

    Greg Miller, Senior Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO.

    In the years to come, what will container shipping look like? Will ownership still be this consolidated? Will regulators break up the alliances? Will ships remain the current size and ply the same tra...

  • Navigating volatility and unpredictability in container shipping

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Gordon Downes, CEO, New York Shipping Exchange.

    Container freight rates are at all-time highs, yet service levels are at all-time lows, causing stockouts for shippers, as well as unbudgeted freight expenses. Gordon Downes from NYSHEX discusses how...

  • Innovating strategies for early stage technology investing

    Kelvin Beachum, NFL athlete, investor and philanthropist discusses his approach to investing, from understanding venture capital firms to the pros and cons of investing in start-ups versus other types of assets. Beachum also talks about the perceptions of professional athletes as investors and ho...

  • Coast Guard breaks the ice for smoother shipping lanes

    Nick Austin, Meteorologist, FreightWaves, chats with Captain William Woityra, Commanding Officer of the Polar Star.

    The U.S. Coast Guard has special ships capable of breaking ice in polar regions, clearing lanes for container ships. Their missions also include strategic national security objecti...

  • How a smart container can improve maritime transportation

    Rebecca Fenneman, Principal, Jeffrey Fenneman Law and Strategy, chats with Charlie Fletcher, CEO, Fletcher Consulting.

    While our everyday lives have been changed by the widespread adoption of technology and e-commerce in 2020, the ocean-going container hasn't changed much since its first introdu...

  • Supply chain green shoots, the Wright way

    Steve Ferreira, CEO, Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Duncan Wright, President, UWL.