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Great Quarter, Guys
  • Service sector tsunami crippling supply chains - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew is joined by Lead Economist Anthony Smith to discuss the roaring services economy and its impact to supply chains across the nation. And the two welcome Daniel Hackett, Partner at global maritime advisory Hackett Associates to talk imports, port congestion and maritime trends.

  • Inflation up, sentiment down - is it worrisome yet? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew is joined by Lead Economist Anthony Smith to discuss some mixed recent economic data, including inflationary pressures and waning consumer sentiment. The two are also joined by Bill Catania, Founder and CEO of final mile delivery orchestration platform OneRail to better understand how the ...

  • Are FedEx and UPS leaving B2B customers out to dry? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew is joined by former co-host and executive publisher Kevin Hill to chat with Dick Meltzer, CEO of regional parcel carrier LSO to get a better understanding of what regional parcel demand looks like right now. The three discuss the recent peak surcharges implemented by UPS and FedEx and it m...

  • The retail foot traffic recovery story - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew Cox is joined by co-host Anthony Smith, Lead Economist at FreightWaves, to discuss the retail foot traffic recovery story with's Ethan Chernofsky. Ethan is the VP of Marketing at Placer, a retail analytics firm with the best foot traffic data around. Ethan joins the crew to discu...

  • Is 2021 peak earnings for the brokers? - Great Quarter, Guys with JP Hampstead

    Director of Passport Research JP Hampstead joins Andrew to discuss Q1 freight brokerage financial results. But not before we discuss a rumor that Tesla is sold out for Q2 already, Simon Property Group, and TuSimple Q1 results.

  • The One After Seth Left (ft. Zach Strickland) - Great, Quarter, Guys

    Today on Great Quarter, Guys, Andrew Cox and guest host Zach Strickland discuss the looming battle between UPS and Amazon with Rick Watson, Founder and CEO of RMW Commerce Consulting.

  • Seth's Last Hoorah: The shipping tsunami headed our way - Great Quarter, Guys

    On this very special and rather sad day, Andrew and Seth co-host Great Quarter, Guys for the final time together. The two discuss UPS earnings, Lowe's private label acquisition, the Crocs Comeback, and the potential shipping tsunami headed for a port near you.

  • The most important economic data for freight right now - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew Cox is joined by a special co-host, FreightWaves Lead Economist Anthony Smith, for episode 66. Andrew introduces a new Chart of the Week segment, the two debate the bidding war for Kansas City Southern, and discuss the most important economic data for trucking right now.

  • Trucking stocks and valuations - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth interview UBS Senior Equity Research Analyst Tom Wadewitz about the rationale behind his recent trucking downgrade, his favorite stock picks in transports, what he thinks of the CPKC merger and more.

  • What the Suez blockage means for US consumers - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth are joined by Rick Helfenbein, former President and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association to discuss the Suez Canal blockage's impact on the US consumer. The three also debate China's overnight squeeze on American brands, but not before Andrew and Seth chat consumer s...

  • DFMs and legacy brokers will become hardly distinguishable - Great Quarter, Guys

    Live from the 3PL Summit, Andrew and Seth are joined by Stifel's Bruce Chan to discuss where we are in the freight cycle. Bruce, decorated transport analyst and a veteran of the show, brings thoughtful insights on broker technology, DFMs vs legacy brokers, and much more.

  • Does the market get any better? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Last week, UBS analysts Tom Wadewitz, Alex Johnson and team asked 'Can the Market Get Any Better?'. On today's Great Quarter, Guys, Seth Holm and I will answer that question with SONAR data, discuss the truckload stock downgrades, and give our own expectations for the next few months.We're also t...

  • Strongest consumer backdrop in decades - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth are back in the saddle after a week-off. There have been a bevy of intriguing stories emerge over the past two weeks, so today the lads discuss the consumer backdrop and recent stimulus news, the Wall Street upgrades on the trucking sector, USX has given us a little more detail on...

  • Getting things done in times of crisis - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew has Kevin Hill back at the helm today for an event-themed episode. We have two sets of fantastic guests; Mustafa Azizi from Zuum, and Michelle Livingstone and John Drake from Home Depot. Before guest discussions, Andrew and Kevin chat Walmart earnings, and debate cardboardless e-commerce.

  • Can Ancora reverse Forward Air? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss the recent circling of Forward Air (NASDAQ: FWRD) by activist inventor Ancora Holdings. The two also debate consumer spending and consumer sentiment data, Apple's inability to find an auto partner, and whether Jaguar is making the right move going all electric by 2025.

  • Who's got the best drop-and-hook strategy? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss the rise of drop-and-hook programs over the past year and debate which logistics provider has the best strategy. But not before a full slate of 'You Care or Nah', including Tesla buying bitcoin, Amazon's renewable natural gas truck order, Container Store earnings, and MORE.

  • Have trucking stocks peaked? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth debate whether trucking stocks can continue rising after strong past couple months. They also discuss a rapid vaccine rollout's impact to trucking, Uber acquisition, UPS earnings, and more.

  • The juice is worth the squeeze for TFI International - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth break down the recent acquisition of UPS Freight by TFI International. But not before discussing recent housing data, new partnerships in the autonomous trucking segment, and Costco's reluctance to implement curbside pickup.

  • Peloton: The poster child of Containergeddon - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss the major shipping delays at US ports through the lens of Peloton and its exorbitant delays. We also discuss recent analysis of the vaccine's impact to hospitalization rates, MArc Lore's departure from Walmart, another EV SPAC, and some recent economic data.

  • When will inventory levels correct? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss the disparity in growth rates between retail imports and retail sales to get a better understanding of where inventory levels are headed. They also debate which retailers should be looking to expand in 2021, Walmart's fintech aspirations, retailer earnings, and Amazon's sh...

  • The most bullish outlook for transportation in 20 years? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss Deutsche Bank analyst Amit Mehrotra's 2021 transportation outlook. He said it is his most bullish outlook he's written in his 20 years covering the space.

  • Can Apple compete with Tesla? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss another new EV SPAC in XL Fleet and its implications for the trucking market. We also cover the BarkBox SPAC and go in-depth on Apple's foray into car manufacturing.

  • Is shared truckload the future of LTL? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth are joined by industry vet Justin Turner, SVP of Sales at Flock Freight to discuss the future of the LTL market and Flock's shared truckload model, but not before Andrew and Seth talk Uber Connect, Tesla Semi, and Amazon Fashion.

  • Can tech kill LTL? - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew and Seth discuss the recent SoftBank investment in Flock Freight and the potential for Flock to change the LTL landscape, but not before giving their thoughts on a massive week of Silicon Valley IPOs and analyzing the surge in logistics employment this year.