Health & Pharma Supply Chain Summit

Health & Pharma Supply Chain Summit

LIVE from Freight Alley, industry experts discuss what’s working and what’s not with the ongoing vaccine distribution, as well as what governments and private organizations can do to improve distribution going forward. Join us as we bring together leaders from health care and supply chains alike to solve these ever-growing challenges.

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Health & Pharma Supply Chain Summit
  • CRST champions safe transport for pharma - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    Dooner and The Dude talk to Chad Brueck about how CRST is ensuring secure COVID-19 vaccine delivery in this session of FreightWaves’ Health & Pharma Supply Chain Summit.

  • ArcBest's Danny Loe doles out pandemic support - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    LIVE from the Health & Pharma Supply Chain Summit, Dooner and Vincent chat with Danny Loe, President, Asset-Light Logistics & Chief Yield Officer at ArcBest!

  • AirSpace Technologies - DEMO

    Airspace is a leader in time-critical shipping. Our success comes from our ability to pair our patented technology with a world-class, dedicated support team. Over 200 customers in industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing rely on Airspace to provide them with speed, real-time d...

  • XPOs lessons in vaccine distribution

    XPO has been distributing protective personal equipment since the start of the pandemic. This experience laid the foundation for the speed and agility it takes for aligning its vast delivery network to the needs of distributing the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Ensuring no country is left behind

    Malte Hans, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc., chats with Margi Van Gogh, Head of Supply Chain & Transport, World Economic Forum.

    Amid the unforeseen effects of the pandemic on at-risk and lower-income communities, governments and organizations around the world must convene to ensure e...

  • Vaccine demand planning

    Andrew Kelley, CCO at BoxLock, chats with John Ervin, Owner of Allnet.

    Vaccine demand planning requires coordination across the supply chain spectrum. Logistics, materials management, and operations need to support clinicians at the point of care to maximize community protection. John Ervin and ...

  • Pharma supply chain lessons abroad

    JT Engstrom, Chief Strategy Officer, FreightWaves, chats with Chris Wolfe, CEO of PowerFleet.

  • US-China Trade Relations and Pharmaceutical Imports

    Covid-19 has disrupted trade patterns and relations in every industry. For the pharmaceutical industry disruptions are even more serious as a large percentage of PPE and medicines are sourced from China.

  • Navigating pharmaceutical transportation with real-time transparency

    Scott Sangster, Vice President of Global Sales at Descartes Systems Group sat down with FreightWaves' Andrew Cox to discuss the challenges of pharmaceutical transportation. Scott details the pain points of the current system, the advantages of leveraging mesh networks and BLE tags, and what the l...

  • Enterprise Blockchain Isn't Dead: Where DLT Solutions Are Working

    Join Susanne Somerville, CEO of Chronicled, the custodian of MediLedger, and Patrick Duffy, the President of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) as they discuss the state of enterprise blockchain, how this technology has evolved over the past few years, and what opportunities (and. Challenges...

  • Tracking vaccine distribution: How it differs from standard tracking and tracing

    Kevin Hill, Executive Publisher, FreightWaves, chats with Glenn Koepke, SVP, Customer Success, FourKites.

  • Challenges in the medical supply chain

    John Kingston, Editor at Large, FreightWaves, chats with Todd Fagley, Founder & CEO, MedSource Labs.

  • Vaccine integrity: How to maintain shelf life

    Eric Kulisch, Air Cargo & Trade Editor, FreightWaves, chats with Wolfgang Lehmacher, Board Member, Roambee.