Keynotes - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

Keynotes - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

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Keynotes - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME
  • Shelley Simpson Q&A - FW Live @HOME

    Shelley Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer and President of Highway Safety for J.B. Hunt Transport Services, talks with Emily Szink in this Q&A recorded live during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME 2020

  • Navigating Market Volatility During a Pandemic

    Current EVP and General Counsel for Revolution and Former White House Ebola Response Coordinator Ron Klain discusses the impact that pandemics can have on global supply chains and how innovation in logistics is key to solving these issues.

  • SONAR 6.0 Release

    FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller unveils SONAR 6.0, including the platform's new Mission Control feature and other interactive, real-time data sets designed to give you unparalleled visibility into what's happening in the freight markets.

  • Industry Keynote: How Tech Will Enable More Nimble Collaboration Post-COVID-19

    Shelley Simpson, EVP, CCO and President of Highway Services for J.B. Hunt, discusses how tech will enable more nimble collaboration post the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Keynote: Portfolio value from your 3PL; Why assets really matter

    FreightWaves President George Abernathy interviews Werner CEO Derek Leathers during FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME.

  • The Impact of COVID-19 and the Future of Freight

    FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller discusses the impact of COVID-19, the adoption of technology, and the future of freight with Doug Waggoner, Chairman and CEO of Echo Global Logistics.

  • Shipper of Choice Awards, Presented by Transflo

    FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller and Research Analyst Andrew Cox announce the Shipper of Choice Awards, which honor exemplary shippers based on insights from industry practitioners and feedback from transportation providers. Categories for the awards cover excellence in facilities, availability, eff...