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  • COVID-19 lockdowns in Malaysia slow down medical glove production - MN

    The demand for gloves soared during the COVID-19 pandemic and those issues still persist. Now, a nationwide lockdown in Malaysia, which produces most of the world’s gloves, is slowing down production. The lockdown could last for weeks.

  • The Power of Collaboration: Live From Ignite - Cyberly

    We hear the phrase “collaboration” all the time but what does it really mean when it comes to complex supply chains? CEO of PCS Software Chris Poelma, President of Detmar Logistics Matt Detmar, and Director of Supply Chain for Bonnie Plants Gabriel Parades joins Cyberly live in San Antonio to tal...

  • Rough seas ahead - Freightonomics

    Anthony and Zach bring on Greg Miller to discuss the upcoming maritime peak season, rates, and the potential for regulatory action on ocean shipping.

  • Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage - Taking the Hire Road

    Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO of DriverReach, speaks with Wendy Bartz, Director of Sales and Services for DriverReach, about the challenging environment in the recruitment and retention space.

  • Ocean Volume Leads Truckload Demand - #WithSONAR

    On today’s episode of #WithSONAR, Luke and Kyle will look at what smaller ports the overflow of imports is beginning to flow through. Is this causing disruptions to the truckload markets in those port cities?

  • Wayfair: International supply chain breakdown - Point of Sale

    Sr. Retail Analyst Andrew Cox is joined by John Esborn, Head of Global Expansion Strategy for eCommerce Ocean Supply Chain at Wayfair to discuss what makes Wayfair’s supply chain differentiated. Wayfair has rapidly grown into a household name and is expecting to do more than $12 billion in sales ...

  • Will ocean freight ruin Christmas? - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to SEKO Logistics’ Brian Bourke about Christmas. Will it be ruined? Are the ocean carriers plotting to pillage Whoville? Paying ocean rates is most certainly a beast, ship now lest your tree have the least. We’ll break down key holiday shipping d...

  • Amazon’s antitrust defense system is being fortified - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew Cox is alongside Lead Economist Anthony Smith to discuss Amazon’s record Q2 results that still weren’t quite enough to please Wall Street analysts. The two also talk through some transportation earnings, and discuss a host of economic data and freight news.

  • Is your warehouse strategy ready? - At Your Doorstep

    How are you getting ready for inventory storage before its too late? Learn about flexible warehouse solutions on this episode of At Your Doorstep with Kaylee Nix.

  • Every crisis should feel like an opportunity - Put That Coffee Down

    In today's episode, Richie Daigle and Michael Vincent discuss supply chain resiliency with Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase.

    Plus, listener feedback, advice, and community building!

    #sales #PutThatCoffeeDown #surgetransportation

  • Ocean carriers under fire for not honoring shipping contracts -WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about a U.S. company that’s suing "collusive" ocean carriers and alleging price manipulation. Jon Monroe, founder, Monroe Consulting, tries to help us make sense of this market and what’s going on between shippers and carriers.

    In the past thre...

  • What does Trevor Milton’s arrest mean for clean equipment options?- The Stockout

  • Ocean Freight, But The Relationships…. - Navigate B2B

    Never more in ocean freight has survival come to creativity, ingenuity and avoiding the so called “electrified third rail”. Ocean freight participants can only rely “this” much (narrow bandwidth) on relationships to keep the velocity of their supply chain intact. Today, survival in the ocean frei...

  • How NASA hauls 17 million pounds of freight

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are joined by NASA’s John Giles and Sam Dove to talk about the logistics operations behind their 6.6 million-pound crawlers. Would you drive one of these rigs?
    St. Christopher Truckers Fund’s Shannon Currier has her charity creating for a cause at today’s S...

  • The importance of LNG as a transition fuel - Net-Zero Carbon

    Danny Gomez speaks with Joe Raia, Chief Commercial Officer of Abaxx Exchange about what they are doing to create a sustainable futures market for LNG, an important fuel for global decarbonization efforts.

  • Faith in trucking with Rollin B LLC CEO Ingrid Brown - FreightWaves Insiders

    On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with veteran trucker and Rollin B LLC CEO Ingrid Brown.

    Ingrid has dedicated her career toward CMV Safety and safety of the General motoring public working directly with FMCSA and advocate associations.

    As a driver she has been throug...

  • Supporting small U.S. mask manufacturers - Medically Necessary

    In 2020, dozens of businesses started manufacturing personal protective equipment to make up for severe shortages. As demand for PPE has declined, many of those small businesses are now close to shutting down. A trade group representing these companies wants the federal government to stop that fr...

  • Come to the Marketing Dark Side - Cyberly

    A wise little green puppet once said, “the fear of loss is a path to the dark side.” But what if I told you embracing the marketing dark funnel is a pathway that leads to many abilities, none of which are unnatural?

    That’s our main topic for today as we dive into the world of how your audience ~...

  • Looking forward to Q4 - Transmission

    For our first return guest on Transmission, we speak again with AIT’s Alan Votaw about the logistics and shipping realities today and what’s around the corner for the fourth quarter. We also discuss supply chain metrics, and the value of getting the details exactly right.

  • Mark Manduca, Chief Investment Officer at GXO - Supply Chain Spotlight

    FreightWaves President George Abernathy speaks with Mark Manduca, Chief Investment Officer at GXO, about the launch of what's coming with GXO.

  • Labor market and growth with Echo Global Logistics - Fuller Speed Ahead

    Craig Fuller, Founder and CEO of FreightWaves, sits with Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo Global Logistics, to talk about labor markets, freight demand, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is this edition of Fuller Speed Ahead.

  • FreightWaves improves Supply Chain Intelligence with new summary views

    Travis Rhyan and Zach Strickland demo the new summary and opportunity views in SONAR SCI. These two new pages give a summarized insight and target subscribers' most actionable portions of their transportation spend to reduce risk and cost.

  • Helping Truckers Stay Healthy - Healthy Highway

    On this episode of Healthy Highway, we take a look at what one organization, St. Christopher's Trucker Relief Fund, is doing to help drivers live a healthier lifestyle while being on the road.