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  • This Week in SONAR: June 11, 2021

    Zach and Kevin break down new developments in SONAR.

  • “It’s Just A Box” - Would Malcolm McLean Apologize? - Navigate B2B

    In today’s edition of Navigate B2B, host Steve Ferreira laments this may be the container shipping industries super bowl. The Reddit and meme worlds of the Ever Given of just yesterday are being replaced by a bigger and sinister monster threatening to make “Containergeddon” look like a King Kong ...

  • The empower hour - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking to Allegiant Logistics CEO Shay Dixon about building a minority woman-owned and led 3PL in Atlanta.

    Owner-operator LaKeesha Martin joins us to talk about self-defense for drivers and The H.E.R. Method: a personal protection guide for truck driv...

  • Demystifying trucking with owner-operator Wayne Cragg - FreightWaves Insiders

    On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with owner-operator Wayne Cragg to talk about life behind the wheel of a big rig, driver health and how to become a social media influencer in trucking.
    Cragg is here to dispel myths about driving and shines a lot on the real truth of wh...

  • Supply chain enables hospital level care at home - Medically Necessary

    On today's episode Matt speaks to Rami Karjian, CEO of Medically Home, about what the supply chain looks like for hospital-to-home programs, how the pandemic changed the health care industry’s perception of those programs and what the future of hospital care might look like.

  • Marketing Your Business in a Privacy-Focused World - Cyberly

    Ad tech vendors and people who collect “leads” on Zoom Info are in for a real treat soon--and by treat I mean the loss of data that helps to prove your software is worth it. But for the marketers and sales teams actually in the trenches doing the hard work, I’m breaking down why these new privacy...

  • Helping Truckers Stay Healthy - Healthy Highway

    On this episode of Healthy Highway, we take a look at what one organization, St. Christopher's Trucker Relief Fund, is doing to help drivers live a healthier lifestyle while being on the road.

  • Something's Gotta Give! - Freightonomics

    Zach and Anthony bring on Dr. Dale and Zac Rogers to discuss the ongoing build up of upstream price increases, challenges around unemployment and more!

  • Celebrating the Crossroads of Data & Research - Taking the Hire Road

    On today's episode, Jeremy Reymer, Founder & CEO of DriverReach, speaks with Rebecca Brewster, President & COO of the American Transportation Research Institute, about what data and research can do for the betterment of the trucking industry.

  • Where should I send my truck? - #WithSONAR

    How carriers and owner-operators can leverage data to better position their assets and seek out better opportunities.

  • Live from FreightWaves Small Fleet and Owner-Operator Summit - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    Dooner and The Dude are live from FreightWaves Small Fleet and Owner-Operator Summit with special guests: Tom Schmitt, CEO, Forward Air; Jay Gustafson, Senior Vice President of Marketplace Solutions, Echo; Jamie Hagen, Owner, Hell Bent Xpress; Mike Wells, SVP of Operations, DCLI; Ashwin Vasudevan...

  • Toyota is Number One when it comes to supplier relationships - Transmission

    The annual Plante Moran index of automaker-supplier relationships came out recently, and Toyota was in the number on position for the 10th year in a row. We speak with Robert Young, executive vice president, purchasing supplier development, Toyota Motor North America about how the OEM manages its...

  • How car shipping should be - At Your Doorstep

    Kaylee Nix looks at how one company is changing automotive delivery and making it easier for online car shoppers to get what they want.

  • Service sector tsunami crippling supply chains - Great Quarter, Guys

    Andrew is joined by Lead Economist Anthony Smith to discuss the roaring services economy and its impact to supply chains across the nation. And the two welcome Daniel Hackett, Partner at global maritime advisory Hackett Associates to talk imports, port congestion and maritime trends.

  • The long road to success in sales - Put That Coffee Down

    In today's episode, Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle discuss why business and sales success don’t happen overnight. It is all about grinding it out and learning the lessons of how to grow along the way. To drive this point home, they welcome Jared Flinn, co-founder of, to share how he’s...

  • The Maritime Dumpster Fire! - B.A.M.F.

    B.A.M.F! The weekly show where we Benchmark, Analyze, Monitor, and Forecast the freight markets.

    Maritime continues to have major issues with stuck vessels, $135K /day charters, ships taking out cranes.. And now…

    Yantian is in crisis mode and getting worse. Michael Vincent - “The Dude” , Zach ...

  • Jurassic freight: How to haul a raptor - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about moving freight 145 million years in the making: dinosaurs. Find out how velociraptors for one of the most popular film franchises on Earth, Jurassic Park, are moved.

    Plus, pulling tugs, moving wine, and an inside look at the world of hau...

  • Smucker’s Jams Through Price Increases as Cost Rise - The Stockout

    In this episode of The Stockout, Mike Baudendistel will discuss the recovery from the JBS cyberattack which shut down much of the country’s meat processing. Plus, Mike breaks down Thursday’s results from the J.M. Smucker Company which is performing well in the face of rapidly rising input costs. ...

  • Fix Your Business By Fixing Your Marketing - Cyberly

    It’s no secret that marketing has evolved over the last couple of years but how can it play a bigger role on the revenue side of the business? We’re breaking down some of the Do’s and Don’ts of outsourcing your marketing to give your business the edge without the overhead.

    In addition to the ho...

  • How are changing consumer behaviors forcing innovation in retail supply chains?

    Retail has been in a constant state of evolution dating back to the days of bazars, but the coronavirus pandemic accelerated change in retail like never before. Moving product closer to consumers, speeding up delivery times, and dealing with exponential online sales growth while testing out new f...

  • SONAR Reefer Awareness

    Zach and Jimmy walk through all of SONAR's reefer data and application as well as introduce its latest addition.

  • 2021 Shipper of Choice Awards

    Join ArcBest and FreightWaves as we recognize the manufacturers, distributors and retailers who do the best job of keeping the American economy moving by fighting driver detention, providing accessible facilities, and understanding what it takes to remove inefficiencies from the supply chain.

  • Bob Farrell, Chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz - Fuller Speed Ahead

    Craig Fuller, CEO and Founder of FreightWaves, invites Bob Farrell, Chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz, to chat on this episode of Fuller Speed Ahead.