Live Events: Carrier Summit

Live Events: Carrier Summit

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Live Events: Carrier Summit
  • Carrier Summit DAY 1 PART 2 - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    Fom Carrier Summit, Dooner and The Dude are talking about democratized data, getting the pulse on drivers, high dimensional AI, and possums.
    They’re joined by Glenn Jones, Global VP Products and Marketing, Blume Global; Marilyn Surber, Transportation Advisor, Tenstreet; Daniel Powell, President/...

  • Carrier Summit DAY 1 Part 1 - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    With guests: Chad Eichelberger, President, Reliance Partners; Siamak Azmoudeh, VP of PLM and Business Development, SkyBitz; Anthony N. Petite, Chief Executive Officer, Founder TruckPark, Inc.; Pierre Laguerre, CEO, Fleeting Pro

  • How to bid freight more profitably - #WithSONAR

    Using SONARS 7.0 feature Lane Scorecard, you can see all the market data on every one you want with the click of the button. We will demonstrate how easy and impactful this can be to your business.

  • How long will the bull run? - Freightonomics

    Zach Strickland and Anthony Smith discuss the latest economic trends in freight from DAY 1 of the Carrier Summit.