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  • “It’s Just A Box” - Would Malcolm McLean Apologize? - Navigate B2B

    In today’s edition of Navigate B2B, host Steve Ferreira laments this may be the container shipping industries super bowl. The Reddit and meme worlds of the Ever Given of just yesterday are being replaced by a bigger and sinister monster threatening to make “Containergeddon” look like a King Kong ...

  • Ticking Bombs – Why It’s Too Late To Defuse ‘Em - Navigate B2B

    We have too few (teu-feu) moments during our time together on Navigate B2B today to enable you to bomb proof your supply chain. You know from reality, some of those bombs have already impacted you, yet, you remain under constant attack. A new, slower moving conveyor belt of shrapnel is being asse...

  • Ocean Freight’s Whisper To Wall Street - Navigate B2B

    Steve shares an exclusive new tool that he’s developed that shows a unique correlation, and “whisper” number vs. the actual revenue publicly traded companies with huge ocean components like Target Stores, announce on earnings day. In today’s episode Steve talks about 2 west coast ports moving in ...

  • Exclusive Container Shipping Data You Won't Want to Miss - Navigate B2B

    Join Steve Ferreria on Navigate B2B as he discusses Ocean Freight Prices and how they're not as expensive as you think! Plus, exclusive container shipping data from Steve's Crystal Ball.

  • When the bones are good, Port Miami happens - Navigate B2B

    Join special guest Port of Miami "Trade Development" Director, Eric Olafson, and Steve Ferreira for a discussion on how Port Miami’s bones (infrastructure) has led to captivating increases in volume, cargo mix and most importantly, regional diversity. Instead of Asia, Asia and more Asia, the Port...

  • City Furniture rocks Port of Miami with 50% import growth - Navigate B2B

    Steve Ferreira, CEO of Ocean Audit Inc, chats with Michael Nau, VP of Merchandising at City Furniture.

  • New York (and New Jersey) Port of Mind with Sam Ruda - Navigate B2B

    Navigate B2B visits the Port of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) to find out the latest developments on its infrastructure, container traffic, supply chain delivery and execution as we head into the biggest importing periods of 2021.

  • Halftime Show – Experiential Contracting & Ever Given Updates - Navigate B2B

    Today’s show focuses on how the fine details in your current or final round of service contract negotiations can botch the intent. A deeper look at the breaking story of General Average being declared on the Ever Given. Special update with my guest Lina Jasutiene, Managing Director of Recoupex in...

  • Navigate the Suez & Retail Ocean with RILA’s Jess Dankert - Navigate B2B

    Steve provides an update on late breaking details on the Ever Given and special guest, Jess Dankert, VP of Supply Chain joins Steve for a discussion of RILA’s thoughts on systematic changes in ocean shipping.

  • Containergeddon – Prequel or Sequel? - Navigate B2B

    The re-opening of America has not been fully factored in as it relates to the velocity of ocean freight imports. Steve introduces viewers to a new way of looking at how we surge from 450,000 containers a month ex China to 550,000 or more in Q3. Gary Vaynerchuck recently addressed how a hybrid mod...

  • 1st Steps In Performance Based Ocean Contracting - Navigate B2B

    In this episode Steve reviews current state of play in the domain of ocean freight contracting and the resultant challenges importers are facing with rates and pricing in 2021.

    Steve covers a variety that may allude many importers if they are not careful in recognizing the nuances, and opportuni...

  • Niche Wins For Container Shippers - Navigate B2B

    In today’s show Steve discusses some of his interviews from Maritime Supply Chain Week and the niche takeaways that viewers might focus on to enhance their companies ocean freight programs now and during 2021.

    With contracting coming at us hard and fast do we assume a “brace” and “hard landing”,...

  • Do You Want Some Vessel With That Voyage? - Navigate B2B

    The generic containership. It’s not pretty. If it were a sandwich, it would look a bit like Steve’s take on Navigating B2B with all the garnish. The container sandwich – let’s dig in.

  • The Big Game of Supply Chain - Navigate B2B

    Steve speaks with consultant, business leader, futurist and author Brittain Ladd on the future of retail stores, Amazon’s new CEO, Tesla’s next moves and the Walmart/Amazon race (is there one?).

    Brittain shocked the world in 2013 when he applied game theory to the global grocery industry making ...

  • Ready For The Big Game? - Navigate B2B

    No not the Super Bowl. Today’s Navigate B2B opens up a sliver of our playbook and diagrams the X’s and O’s that generate winning plays no matter your business role. Global Supply Chain Week and Global Maritime Week take you where the other conferences don’t - how to navigate towards your own styl...

  • TEU-FEU Answers – Margin Call? - Navigate B2B

    There are too many questions about this hot container market and too few answers to complex topics. While Reddit traders point and click today from their Mom’s basement, Navigate B2B breaks it down for you before the market issues its own margin call to Shippers who haven’t hedged their bets.

  • Hazard Pay: Why Logistics Managers are grossly underpaid - Navigate B2B

    An analogy can be made as to why ocean freight Logistics Managers require the same skill sets of a combat aviator. After all, aviators are adept at air-to-air combat, air-to-ground combat and sometimes electronic warfare while in the cockpit of their fighter jets. Logistics managers fight a diffe...

  • Surge, Spend – Surge, Prepare - Navigate B2B

    The current ocean freight market continues to be powered by rocket fuel. As we approach Chinese New Year in the next few weeks, we no longer has the typical forward loaded market. Every day is forward loaded. As we approach a new American political administration, the euphoria of additional stimu...

  • Containergeddon II: Opportunity Knocking - Navigate B2B

    Today’s show features Steve Ferreira discussing what many felt was not possible - Containergeddon Redux 2021. Steve coined this phrase months ago and it has become the word du jour of analysts describing the action during the past few months in container shipping. However, no analyst expected Con...

  • Tactical Fedex – CEO Lange on 2021: Navigate B2B

    In today's episode Steve speaks with Udo Lange, President and CEO of FedEx Logistics, about the challenges of 2020 for FedEx and beyond in 2021.

  • Navigate B2B: NYSHEX - Ocean Freight's Beacon?

    Steve Ferreira, CEO & Founder, Ocean Audit and Gordon Downes, CEO, NYSHEX

  • Navigate B2B - Post black Friday; Next move for container shipping

    On today's episode, Steve provides a real time update on what types of products are coming in right now fueling "Containergeddon". Steve and special guest Jon Monroe also discuss 3 to 5 strategies for navigating Containergeddon both for Shippers and NVOCC's.

  • Container Shipping Stocks – A Tale of Two Cities - Navigate B2B

    Special guest J Mintzmeyer leads us on a dive into a deeper understanding of the resurrection and transformation of container shipping stocks.