Net Zero Carbon

Net Zero Carbon

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Net Zero Carbon
  • Railroads role in lowering emissions now and in the future - Net-Zero Carbon

    Danny Gomez, MD of Financial and Emerging Markets at FreightWaves, sits with Josh Raglin, Chief Sustainability Officer, to talk about how railroads are providing efficiency, reliability and lower emissions for today. They discuss the importance of alternative fuels in the path to lower emissions ...

  • Improving sustainability through automation - Net-Zero Carbon

    Robert Brown, Senior Director of External Affairs at TuSimple, joins Tyler Cole to unpack how automating heavy-duty trucking can impact overall supply chain sustainability. From fuel savings and freight efficiency to reduced maintenance costs and alternative fuels, the discussion covers a wide ra...

  • Carbon Capture for Semis - Net Zero Carbon

    Our Director of Carbon Intelligence, Tyler Cole, sits down to chat with Paul Gross, CEO of Remora Carbon. They cover Paul's background and concern for climate issues before diving into the technology and business case for capturing tailpipe emissions with Remora's proprietary bolt-on technology.

  • CSR reporting and sustainability trends - Net-Zero Carbon

    Tyler Cole and Danny Gomez sit with Matt McLelland, VP of Technology and Sustainability at Covenant, to discuss how sustainability fits into a corporate strategy, why it is important to communicate to your customers and stakeholders through CSR and ESG reporting, and what trends or technologies a...

  • MIT Report: Trends in Supply Chain Sustainability - Net-Zero Carbon

    Tyler Cole speaks with David Correll, Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, to discuss the findings from their latest report, The State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2021. They unpack the report findings to highlight the most important and interesting trends, top...

  • Discussing why sustainability commitments matter - Net Zero Carbon

    Danny Gomez sits with Tyler Cole, FreightWaves' Director of Carbon Intelligence and expert in sustainable transportation solutions to discuss why this topic is so important. They cover topics such as rising pressures for firms to set ESG goals, ways the transport sector should expect to respond t...

  • The importance of LNG as a transition fuel - Net-Zero Carbon

    Danny Gomez speaks with Joe Raia, Chief Commercial Officer of Abaxx Exchange about what they are doing to create a sustainable futures market for LNG, an important fuel for global decarbonization efforts.

  • Commtrex on rail in reduction emissions in supply chain - Net-Zero Carbon

    Danny Gomez speaks with Martin Lew, Founder & CEO of Commtrex, about the benefits of utilizing intermodal transportation and the various ways it can help reduce carbon emissions.

  • Sustainability in Transportation with Convoy - Net-Zero Carbon

    On the very first episode of Net-Zero Carbon, Danny Gomez speaks with Dan Lewis, CEO & Co-Founder of Convoy, about current trends and predictions on sustainability in transportation.