North American Logistics Tech Summit

North American Logistics Tech Summit

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North American Logistics Tech Summit
  • Logistics transforming from a service to a product

    Logistics is a service based businesss, but many 3PLs are now designing and offering products for customers. How can logistics thrive by thinking about becoming tech companies as well as service based logistics companies.

  • A look into the technology of the small and medium sized shipper market

    The entry point for 3PLs selling into the small and medium sized shipper (SMB) market is providing the technology this customer segment is missing. Joel Crum and Kevin Hill define this market and the tech solutions needed to capture market share.

  • Technology for Everyone: small and midsized brokers in a tech-first future

    For this fireside chat, the incomparable Ryan Schreiber (director of engagement at CarrierDirect) is joined by Mustafa Azizi (CEO of Zuum) transportation to chat about the approaches they see toward technology for small and midsized brokers, and how to best position themselves for the industry’s ...

  • Is the one-screen solution around the corner or down the road a ways?

    The goal of a one-screen solution for all data inegrations has been a goal of the logistics world for year. Charles Craigmile and George Abernathy take a look at where we are now in this process and the steps logistics companies still need to take to all the decision making intelligence on one co...

  • How hot is the FreightTech market in 2021?

    The term bullwhip effect has hit the mainstream over the past year. Technology can minimize the waves that disruptions create throughout the supply chain. Santosh Sankar from Dynamo Ventures discusses the process of how supply chains will change with the introduction of new technologies.

  • A look at the future of in-cab technologies

    Schneider National’s executive vice president and CIO discusses the in-cab technologies the company uses to create a safer, less intrusive driving experience for its employees. Devgun also describes how Schneider uses the data from these devices to optimize its capacity and bring better service t...

  • Driving digital transformation in T&L

    Join Salesforce and Wave6 as they discuss how to create resilient operations that deliver real-time customer service; tools that allow agents to work from anywhere; and a secure platform that supports easy integration for emerging technology (bots, IoT, Blockchain, AI) with a fast time to market!

  • How technology is driving Net-Zero Carbon goals

    Danny Gomez talks with Matt McLelland about his new role at Covenant and how it is indicative of the company culture and a change in the industry. They will discuss the role of technology in sustainability and the collaboration needed to achieve net neutrality.

  • The future of your average warehouse

    Kristi Montgomery, Vice President, Innovation, Research & Development at Kenco Group, joined Sr. Retail Analyst Andrew Cox to discuss warehouse technologies and their impact on warehouse labor. Kristi has spent more than 30 years at Kenco and now leads the Kenco Innovation Lab, a dedicated team o...

  • Exploring the future of FreightTech

    The most attractive FreightTech opportunities are constantly changing. New products and companies are popping up each day. Join Kendra Phillips and George Abernathy as they discuss where investment dollars are likely to land in the near future.

  • Technology for small and medium sized shippers

    Chris Scheid, Co-founder and COO at MyCarrier, joined FreightWaves Sr. Retail Analyst Andrew Cox to discuss how his company aims to bring a parcel-like experience through technology to the LTL industry. MyCarrier has built a freemium model TMS with a very clever distribution model that leverages ...

  • Need for high-fidelity, real-time data: urbanization and network design

    Supply chains have faced visibility challenges for years. While this problem is not new, increasing customer expectations have irrevocably changed the transportation and logistics industry. Shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can no longer get by on manual and legacy visibility methods. Instead, access ...

  • Being a product-driven logistics provider

    Ziad Ismail, chief product officer at Convoy, talks to JP Hampstead about building a large product team at a digital freight brokerage, the products he's most proud of, his view of the state of technology talent in transportation and logistics, and large-scale transformations that the industry fa...

  • FreightWaves improves Supply Chain Intelligence with new summary views

    Travis Rhyan and Zach Strickland demo the new summary and opportunity views in SONAR SCI. These two new pages give a summarized insight and target subscribers' most actionable portions of their transportation spend to reduce risk and cost.

  • Live from FreightWaves’ North American Logistics Tech Summit - WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

    On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are coming to you live from FreightWaves’ North American Logistics Tech Summit where they’re joined by Patrik Berglund, CEO & Co-Founder of Xeneta and Vernon O’Donnell, Chief Product Officer, project44

  • Robots and the future of warehousing - At Your Doorstep

    Kaylee Nix talks to the CEO of Locus Robotics about how the new partnership with DHL will pave the way for warehouse automation in the future.