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Port Report

Join Tim Dooner, Laura Fava, and Henry Byers every Thursday at 3pm for the latest news about ocean shipping and the global supply chain!

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Port Report
  • Port Report: The Box That Connected The Seas

    On today’s episode we’re talking about the impact of the “box that changed the world,” aka the shipping container, made on global trade and our everyday lives. Adam Robinson dials in to tell us all about GlobalTraz purchase of Cerasis Plus, news about the Phase One trade deal, spending on supply ...

  • Port Report: What is Chinese New Year and how does it impact shipping?

    On today’s episode, the seagang are covering all of the latest headlines including Trump’s plan for Iran, container line consolidation and rates, what’s going on with blank sailings, and more. Then they’ll get into what Chinese New Year is, what the year of the Metal Rat means, and how it impacts...

  • Logistics of Christmas, holiday return conundrum, COSCO’s ship spending spree

    In today’s episode we honor American Shipper founder David Howard, talk about the logistics of Christmas, from spruce to trade truce, COSCO’s $1.8B bet on fleets, plus mounting holiday returns near critical mass, Foreign Trade Zones, and more.

  • Port Report: Xeneta, Tariff Turmoil, General Average, and more

    We’ve got a 45’ container of stacked show today with all the latest news on global trade tensions, the numbers on how the trade war is impacting shippers, Xeneta CEO and Co-Founder Patrik Berglund dials in, and in correction corner former Roanoke Trade board member, owner, VP...and also Dooner’s ...

  • Port Report: Supply Chain Education, tainted romaine, USMCA, and more

    On today’s episode Dooner and Fava are joined by Dean of the C. Lamar and Ann Wright School of Business at Dalton State College Marilyn Helm to talk advancements and opportunities in supply chain education. Plus we’re talking trade wars, USMCA, e. Coli in the romaine...again and so much more.