Wavestalks - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

Wavestalks - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME

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Wavestalks - FreightWaves LIVE @HOME
  • Bottom feeders are the true cause of nuclear verdicts

    FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME WavesTalk with transportation lawyer and consultant, Cassandra Gaines.

  • Where Data is Driving you

    Dan Conner, Founder and Partner of Ascend Venture Capital, discusses the importance of Data in today's world in this WavesTalk for FreightWaves LIVE @ Home.

  • You are the answer to the trucking insurance crisis

    Brian Fielkow the CEO of Jetco Delivery and Executive Vice President of the GTI Group gives a WavesTalk at FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME.

  • Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic With Real-Time Logistics

    Bill Driegert, Head of Operations and Co-founder of Uber Freight, discusses the “uberization” of freight and the importance of creating a reliable, flexible and transparent communication network, as well as how the company is working to support carriers during this time and how logistics technolo...

  • Driving Diversity

    Luann Abrams, Founder of CEOX, Lori Heino-Royer, Ambassador for CEOX, and Tracy Black, Operating Partner at NewRoad Capital Partners, discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace, as well as the benefits of problem-solving, decision-making and overall team improvement wh...